4D HD Liposculpture

A healthier alternative for traditional liposuction.

    4D LIPO, consists of ultrasound liposuction that creates natural abdominals in men; and a sand clock shape firm abdominal in women. Yet, why 4D Liposuction instead of the traditional one?

1. Better results: "The rise of new and better technologies like VASER and Dynamic Definition, have changed the overview of liposuction turning impossible cases in a dream come true. We offer more amazing natural unprecedented results than 10 years ago. Welcome to the new century in body contour."

2. Faster and more confortable recovery: "4D LIPO is a non invasive technology whilst regular liposuction is an invasive one. The incisions are no longer than 5mm in length. In case of the abdominal area it is done under the bikini line. Ultrasound makes liposuction one of the gentler ones available. Patients recover faster, with less pain, bruises, and the best results than with any other traditional method."

3. After giving birth : “Woman´s body obviously goes through many physical changes during pregnancy and giving birth. Just to mention a few used for stretch marks, body fat increase, skin and abdominal muscle stretching (diastasis). Most of the people do not realize that not only the skin stretches but also the muscles do too. I have improved many liposuction techniques that overcome such challenges and result in a perfect abdominoplasty for mums. Variations to the procedure are adjusted in accordance with the needs of each patient. Even women that have given birth recently we can offer options to achieve athletic, natural and exceptional results”.

Possible variations

a. If the patient only has excesive fat but no skin sagging, stretch marks, or diastasis then full body liposuction will offer the best results. 

b. If the patient has diastasis with little skin sagging or stretch marks we can repair the muscles and excess of fat and skin with a minor abdominoplasty and full body liposuction. We call it "Hi-Def Mommy". 

c. If the patient suffers from skin sagging, the best alternative is full abdominoplasty and liposuction. This would be high definition liposuction. 

3D Liposculture

The best option to obtain a natural look and recover body volume and shape is Liposculpture and 3D Liposculpture. This procedure is an alternative to liposuction that improves the patient´s body in its three dimensions: width, length and depth. Candidates to this surgical procedure are people with adequate weight, but with fat pockets, as well as patients with a light skin sagging.

Benefits of 3D Liposculpture depend on each patient, just to mention some:

1. More even physical appearance 

2. Reduction of body volume

3. Recreate a healthy body shape

“An aesthetic procedure that enhances the abdominal beauty, balances the waist and hips, and protrudes the muscles of the chest."

Top of the line Procedures

HD Vaser (Ultrasound) Liposuction is most innovative technique to eliminate fat pockets and shape the body. Less recovery time and excellent results. 


Cruroplasty eliminates sagging and fat from legs due to great loss of weight.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation  procedure improves the look and functionality of the femenine intimate area, reduction of the vaginal channel, reduction of minor lips, enlargement of the higher lips and discoloring.

Lipoesculpture extraction of fat pockets with ultrasound (VASER) from areas exceeding in fat transfering it to areas lacking volume. 

Minilipoabdominoplasty Technique ideal to correct sagging in patients that do not have an excess of skin or to correct son abnormalities of the abdomen. 

Buttock Aumentation & Modelling  Procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks with fat or implants in the area. 

Lipoabdominoplasty top of the line technique to eliminate excess of fat, stretch marks, and malformations in the abdomen, using VASER liposuction to achieve an ideal body contour. 

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