Monterrey is projected as the Medical Tourism City.

What differentiates Monterrey from other cities is that it is located near the United States border.

Monterrey, Mexico, September 9, 2018.

Monterrey Health City Cluster is doing a concerted effort with the Nuevo Leon Tourism Cluster to position the state capital as a medical tourism destination, to achieve the latter there have been meetings with the state and federal Tourism Department.

As President of the Health Monterrey Cluster, Sergio  Valdez Vazquez declared, at the end of the Health Latin-American Cluster Forum, that "there is a direct line with the federal and state Tourism Department, we are joining efforts to position Nuevo Leon and specially Monterrey as a medical tourism destination"

 He specified that working jointly with the Tourism Cluster, a strategy to integrate both areas is conducted. As a matter of fact, "the cluster has developed through 12 years therefore there is a robust structure with a mision and vision in the future"

He said that the main difference with other cities where there is medical tourism is the closeness to the United States.

For instance, representatives of the sector in the cities of Reynosa and Matamoros have come to the cluster for training "because is one of the more fully developed in the country with higher impact due to its organization".

Safe Destination 

Patients Beyond Borders consultants elaborated a guide for medical tourism in Monterrey, where patients all over the world have chosen this city as the medical destination, mainly because it is a safe destination when compared to other border Mexican cities. 

Medicine without walls

During the Latin-American forum it was also confirmed that medicine without walls in the United Satates, Mexico and Central America is practiced in collaboration with hospitals in areas like teaching and medical attention, however it has been limited due to technology matters. Collaboration takes place in teaching, and training doctors and nurses; as well as interchange and research. 

Top Doctors unveiled the 50 best medical specialists in Mexico

On this occasion, for the third time in a row, the Top Doctors Awards were held in Mexico. It counted with the participation of more than 2 thousand 500 specialists from all over the country. Of these, the best were chosen from the ratings provided by their patients. Here's a list of the winners this year.

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