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Our medical staff includes specialized surgeons and health professionals certified in hospital surgical procedures to comply with national and international quality and safety standards, sponsored by international organisms that provide satisfactory and competitive results in patients within the worldwide market.


Facilitative Enterprise that offers to the national and foreign tourism the best medical service, health and welfare options; which includes a great variety of medical and hospital choices available supported by travel logistics to provide an enjoyable stay for the patient. Including a personalized service that covers even the tiniest detail.


Become a facilitative Enterprise leader in transforming Health Tourism in Mexico and Latin-America, offering national and foreign patients alternatives of services, and medical attention committed to the welfare of them; whose costs and results are competitive in accordance with the international market.


In search of excellence we work with integrity to achieve reliability, security and quality.

We are inclusive in diversity, traditions, preferences, religions and respect to all cultures.


We manage top of the line and innovative surgical specialities within the different procedures we offer. 


We undergo constant training in the most renown congresses, courses and events related to each of our specialities. Likewise our surgeons have  very extensive resumes.    

Quality and Safety

Every procedure is guaranteed by our quality process for we have the staff to cover each and every need, working within a structure to reduce any possible complications as a result of a medical procedure. 

Why Monterrey?

Because we  offer the best hospital infrastructure, high qualified surgeons, and personnel for each procedure.

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